Know yoursuppliers

Real time

Connect and enjoy live, curated feeds about your suppliers, categories, and business trends

Developed by procurement people, for procurement people, ‘Chase’, your digital assistant, scans thousands of handpicked information sources in real time. It collects the most relevant, trusted, and thought-provoking news about suppliers, categories, and the trends that shape business decisions. Chase curates and summarizes information into intuitive dashboards, innovative scoring, and handy live feeds. The CatalyticsHub is the go to source to keep informed.

Expert community

Join communities to receive tailored news and participate in expert discussions forums

Connection and Collaboration with your peers is now at your fingertips. Organized by category, CatalyticsHub Communities are a place where users come together to start their own peer-led discussions in Forums or via Private Messaging. Forums are driven by users and moderated the CatalyticsHub team. Each community also features a Category Chaser to feature key stories in a dedicated live feed.

The supplier

Gain a different perspective on your suppliers and their suitability to be a partner

The C-Score cuts through the hype and asks some of the questions that don’t get asked in an RFP. And it’s done in real time, offering you a different, ongoing perspective on your business partners. Rely on the C-score to alert you to changes in employee satisfaction, financial performance, sustainability performance, news sentiment, and CatalyticsHub user satisfaction. Shift from reactive management to proactive identification with a snapshot of the business-critical factors that impact you most.

From too much informationto curated insight.

  • Work smarter

    Your digital assistant is constantly scanning handpicked information sources to ensure that you always have the latest and most important information.

  • Work faster

    Optimize your time with real time access to the information you care about, whether you are in the office or on the go.

  • Be the first to know

    See things as they happen, have better conversations, and make smarter or faster business, innovation and risk decisions.

  • Gain a different perspective

    Know what’s being said outside of your organization; review prime and wider sources as well as sentiment and analyst scoring.

  • Leverage your community

    Connect to experts in your field. Direct message and participate in exclusive communities to learn, share, and discover solutions.

  • Change the conversation

    Become the person who brings real time information and different perspectives on suppliers, categories, and business trends. Be the ‘insight partner’.

Fueled by

Information sources

We mine the world’s most useful news sources

Our Digital Assistant looks at the sources that procurement experts love, in real time, learning, selecting, and sorting the most interesting information about Suppliers, Categories, and Trends. CatalyticsHub brings the outside world in, adding perspective, and monitoring sentiment, but also with a human touch, curating a live news feed direct to your device.

Our chasers

Meet Chase, your digital assistant

The CatalyticsHub is designed to keep you up to date while saving you time and effort, so you can focus on other things, like using this information to delight your business. Chase is there to do the heavy lifting; doing a role that a human just couldn’t do sifting through hundreds of thousands of sources to tell you what’s happening and what you need to know.

Our partners

Trusted sources bring alternative perspectives

A number of trusted sources and analysts come together to bring you the information in CatalyticsHub. Our customers didn’t want ‘just another risk platform’, they wanted something real time that might change the conversation, or spark an idea. Our partners provide real time news and the supplier indicators that you are not likely to find in an RFP process, great indicators of partnership, innovation and risk.

Our peers

CatalyticsHub is fueled by the specialists at Proxima and your peers around the world

At its heart, the Hub is a community where like minded professionals can meet, learn, and share. It’s the same concept used by our consulting partner, Proxima, to share insights across their network of global consultants. Proxima thrives on user participation, ideas, and feedback, so we personalized the hub experience around the real needs of a modern procurement team.